About MediaBox

Welcome to MediaBox! This site is essentially a software to listen to your media collection from anywhere using just a browser, without having to install any other software on your computer. To avoid copyright issues, the content on this site is essentially private, a public area exists for demonstration purposes only.

About the media player

The site uses the Yahoo! Web Player to play music files in your browser. It's not great, because it uses Flash, so you need to have the Flash plugin correctly installed in your browser. If you know a good alternative implemented in pure HTML5 please let me know and I'll be happy to change it.

About your account

If you have been invited, you can login to the private area using OpenID. You do not need a password for this site itself, and your email password never passes through this site.

The future of this site

I use this site every day to listen to my favourite music while doing boring tasks that don't need much attention. I occasionally add new features to make it easier to use. If you have suggestions, or discover problems that should be fixed, do let me know.

Having your own MediaBox

Obviously our taste of music is different. If you want to have your very own MediaBox, you can! This software is open-source, you can get it from GitHub and install on your own server. If you need help setting it up I'll be happy to help, just ask!